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High Voltage Static Var Generator (SVG)

The basic principle of SVG is that the voltage source inverter is connected to the grid in parallel through the reactor. As the voltage source inverter, it consists of 2 parts are DC capacitance and inverter bridge. Then, the inverter bridge is composed of a semi-conductor device (IGBT) which can be turned off. By adjusting the IGBT device’s switcher in inverter bridge, the SVG can control the voltage, amplitude, and phases after the inverter DC current to AC current. So, the device is equivalent to a phase-modulated power supply. As detecting the required reactive power in the system, the SVG can quickly generate the equal and opposite reactive power to achieve balance and system running with high power factor in real time.

  • Power grid frequency50/60Hz
  • Response time1 ~ 10 ms
  • Filtering range2 ~ 13 times all or selected times
  • Operating temperature-10℃ ~ 40℃
A High Voltage Static Var Generator (SVG) provides dynamic reactive power compensation in electrical power systems. Reactive power is essential for maintaining voltage levels within acceptable limits and ensuring the stable operation of power systems. The SVG is a flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTS) device designed to control reactive power flow dynamically.

Key Features and Functions: High Voltage SVG

  • Dynamic Reactive Power Control: High Voltage SVG are capable of dynamic and rapid adjustments to the amount of reactive power they generate or absorb. This active control helps maintain voltage stability and mitigate voltage fluctuations caused by changes in load or system conditions.
  • Fast Response Time: One of the significant advantages of SVGs is their quick response time. They can quickly inject or absorb reactive power in response to changing system conditions, providing a more agile solution than traditional methods.
  • Voltage Support: High Voltage SVG contribute to voltage support by regulating the voltage levels at specific points in the power system. This is crucial for maintaining the reliability and performance of connected loads.
  • Power Factor Correction: SVGs can be used for power factor correction by actively managing reactive power flow. This ensures that the power factor remains close to unity, improving the overall efficiency of the power system.
  • Harmonic Filtering: Some SVGs have additional features to filter out harmonic distortions from the power system, contributing to improved power quality.

Applications: High Voltage SVG

  1. Mitigation of Voltage Flicker: Voltage flicker can occur due to rapid load changes, especially in industrial applications. SVGs can mitigate voltage flicker by quickly compensating for changes in reactive power demand, ensuring a more stable voltage supply.
  2. Power Factor Correction: SVGs contribute to power factor correction by actively managing reactive power flow. This helps maintain the power factor close to unity, reducing losses in the power system and improving overall energy efficiency.
  3. Harmonic Filtering: Some SVGs are equipped with harmonic filtering capabilities. They can filter out harmonic distortions from the power system, improving power quality and preventing the adverse effects of harmonics on sensitive equipment.
  4. Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Operation: In industries such as steel production that use Electric Arc Furnaces, SVGs can be employed to provide reactive power support and enhance the stability of the electrical system during the operation of these high-power-consuming devices.
  5. Grid Reinforcement: SVGs are used for grid reinforcement in areas where there are challenges with voltage control or where additional reactive power support is needed to strengthen the power grid.

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