Integrated Voltage Stabilizer & Transformer

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Integrated Voltage Stabilizer & Transformer

A Integrated Transformer&Voltage Stabilizer (Stable transformer integrated machine) is the voltage regulator and transformer installed in a chassis, the use of modular configuration wiring, making the stable transformer equipment in the maintenance are very convenient. And save space to reduce purchase costs and reduce line loss to provide efficiency, can withstand instantaneous high voltage, high current and harsh temperature, humidity, vibration environment. Stable transformer integrated machine is often used in imported equipment, can maintain the stable voltage accuracy and variable voltage range.

  • Efficiency≥ 97%
  • Insulation resistance ≥ 2M Ω
  • Waveform distortion ≤ 0. 1%
  • Working efficiency50Hz~60Hz
The Integrated Voltage Stabilizer & Transformer is a cutting-edge electrical solution engineered to address both voltage stabilization and voltage transformation requirements in a single, compact unit. Designed for optimal performance and efficiency, this versatile device is well-suited for a range of applications, from residential to industrial settings.  

Key Features: Integrated Voltage Stabilizer & Transformer

  1. Voltage Stabilization: The integrated stabilizer component ensures a consistent and stable output voltage, protecting connected electronic equipment and appliances from the harmful effects of voltage fluctuations, such as overvoltage and Undervoltage.
  2. Voltage Transformation: The built-in transformer facilitates seamless voltage conversion, allowing for adaptation to specific electrical requirements. Whether stepping up or down the voltage, this device ensures compatibility with various electrical systems.
  3. Space-Efficient Design: With a compact and integrated design, this product minimizes the space required for installation, making it ideal for applications where space is at a premium.
  4. Cost-Effective Solution: Combining the functions of a voltage stabilizer and transformer into a single unit results in cost savings compared to purchasing separate devices. This integrated solution delivers value without compromising on performance.
  5. User-Friendly Operation: Simple and intuitive controls make this device easy to operate. LED indicators provide real-time feedback on voltage status, ensuring users can monitor the performance of the unit effortlessly.
  6. Reliable and Durable: Constructed with high-quality materials and adhering to stringent manufacturing standards, this product is built for durability and long-term reliability, offering peace of mind to users.

Applications: Integrated Voltage Stabilizer and transformer

Applications include: 
  • Renewable Energy Systems: In off-grid or hybrid renewable energy systems, where power generation from sources like solar panels or wind turbines can be variable, integrated stabilizers and transformers help maintain a stable output for connected loads.
  • Laboratories and Research Facilities: Scientific instruments and equipment in laboratories often require precise and stable power. Integrated devices ensure a consistent voltage level, preventing fluctuations that could affect experimental results.
  • Agricultural Operations: Farms and agricultural operations may use integrated stabilizers and transformers to protect and regulate power for equipment such as irrigation systems, pumps, and electronic monitoring devices.
  • Railway Systems: Integrated devices contribute to the stable operation of railway systems by regulating the voltage supplied to signalling equipment, communication systems, and other critical components.
  • Military Installations: Military bases and installations use integrated stabilizers and transformers to ensure a reliable power supply for communication systems, surveillance equipment, and various mission-critical electronics.

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