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Serve Clients Worldwide

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Compensation AC Industrial Voltage Stabilizer / Servo Motor Controlled AVR

In industrial settings, maintaining stable voltage is crucial for ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of sensitive equipment. The Compensation AC Industrial Voltage Stabilizer / Servo Motor Controlled AVR is a sophisticated device designed to address the challenges of voltage fluctuations and provide a consistent, reliable power supply to industrial applications.

  • Model NO.SBW/DBW
  • Rated Capacity10kVA—3600kVA
  • Working Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
  • Noise55db

AC Roller Type Voltage Stabilizer for the Rural Area

An AC roller type voltage stabilizer is a type of voltage stabilizer that utilizes a rolling contact mechanism to regulate output voltage. It consists of a transformer with a movable roller that continuously adjusts the turns ratio between the primary and secondary windings, thereby varying the induced voltage in the secondary winding.

  • Model NO.SFBW (N) / DBW (N)
  • Rated Capacity10kVA—150kVA
  • Working Frequency50Hz
  • Noise55db

Non-Contact Compensating AC Voltage Stabilizer

Continuously monitoring the input voltage of the power grid line, the voltage detection unit converts any voltage changes into digital signals. These signals are then processed by the microcontroller, guided by preprogrammed instructions and predefined data. The intelligent control system then transmits commands to the optocoupler, activating the contactless and swift electronic switching circuit to precisely adapt the output voltage. This ensures that the output voltage remains within the acceptable error range, effectively maintaining automatic voltage stabilization.

  • Input Frequency50/60Hz
  • Efficiency≥98%
  • Voltage Stabilizing Accuracy±2%
  • Response Speed<10ms or <20ms
A voltage stabilizer is designed to maintain a constant voltage level for electronic appliances, protecting them from voltage fluctuations in the power supply. It helps ensure stable and safe operation of devices by regulating the incoming voltage to an acceptable range. Safeguard your electronic devices with this state-of-the-art stabilizer, ensuring a constant voltage output. With surge protection and overload defense, it's your electronic equipment's guardian against power irregularities.

Features of Voltage Stabilizer

  1. Voltage Regulation: Maintaining a stable output voltage protects your devices from voltage fluctuations.
  2. Surge Protection: Shield your electronics from sudden power surges, extending their lifespan.
  3. Overload Defense: Automatic protection against excessive load, preventing damage to the stabilizer and connected appliances.
  4. Quick Response Time: Rapid adjustments to voltage changes, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.
  5. Wide Voltage Range Compatibility: Suitable for various input voltage levels, making it versatile for different regions.
  6. User-Friendly Display: Clear indicators for input and output voltage, allowing easy monitoring of the stabilizer's performance.
  7. Compact Design: Space-efficient and easy to install, fitting seamlessly into your home or office setup.

Applications: Voltage Stabilizer

  1. Office Equipment: Ensure the smooth operation of computers, printers, and other office devices by stabilizing voltage and preventing potential damage.
  2. Medical Equipment: Critical medical devices require a stable power supply; our stabilizer ensures constant voltage for medical equipment, avoiding disruptions.
  3. Industrial Machinery: Protect expensive machinery and equipment in industries where stable voltage is crucial for uninterrupted production.
  4. Server Rooms: Maintain a stable power environment for servers and networking equipment to prevent data loss and system failures.
  5. Laboratories: Safeguard precision instruments and scientific equipment from voltage fluctuations, ensuring accurate results.
  6. Telecommunication Infrastructure: Use in cell towers and communication hubs to prevent damage to sensitive equipment caused by power irregularities.
  7. Entertainment Systems: Keep home theaters, gaming consoles, and audio-visual equipment safe from power surges, enhancing lifespan.

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