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Professional Production

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OEM/ODM Service
OEM/ODM Service

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Serve Clients Worldwide
Serve Clients Worldwide

Wenlida products have been exported to more than 180 countries and regions.

DC/DC Converter Principle

DC/DC converter is a switching power supply chip, which refers to the use of capacitors and inductors of energy storage characteristics, through the controllable switch (MOSFET, etc.) for high-frequency switching action, the input electrical energy is stored in the capacitor (sense), when the switch is disconnected, the electrical energy is released to the load to provide energy. The output power or voltage capability is related to the duty cycle (the ratio of the on-time of the switch to the cycle of the entire switch). Switching power supply can be used to boost and reduce voltage.

  • IP gradeIP 20
  • Working temperature-20℃ ~ +45℃
  • Overall dimension390*185*270mm
  • Weight18kg

PCS (Power Conversion System)

Energy storage converter, also known as two-way energy storage inverter, English name PCS (Power Conversion System), used in AC coupled energy storage systems such as grid-connected energy storage and micro-grid energy storage, connecting the battery pack and the grid (or load) between, is a device to achieve two-way conversion of electric energy. It can convert the DC current of the battery into alternating current and send it to the power grid or to the AC load. The alternating current of the power grid can also be rectified into direct current to charge the battery.

  • Storage temperature-20℃ ~ 70℃
  • Max. Efficiency98.5% @ full-load
  • Cabinet dimension440*220*600mm
  • Weight40kg

High Voltage Static Var Generator (SVG)

The basic principle of SVG is that the voltage source inverter is connected to the grid in parallel through the reactor. As the voltage source inverter, it consists of 2 parts are DC capacitance and inverter bridge. Then, the inverter bridge is composed of a semi-conductor device (IGBT) which can be turned off. By adjusting the IGBT device’s switcher in inverter bridge, the SVG can control the voltage, amplitude, and phases after the inverter DC current to AC current. So, the device is equivalent to a phase-modulated power supply. As detecting the required reactive power in the system, the SVG can quickly generate the equal and opposite reactive power to achieve balance and system running with high power factor in real time.

  • Power grid frequency50/60Hz
  • Response time1 ~ 10 ms
  • Filtering range2 ~ 13 times all or selected times
  • Operating temperature-10℃ ~ 40℃

Variable Frequency Power Supply

The VFP variable frequency power Supply is the new generation 32 bit processor of ARM, which is used by Wenlida as the core. IGBT is the executive component, and the isolation transformer is designed for voltage regulation.

  • Temperature-10~45℃
  • Relative Humidity0~90%
  • Insulation Resistance> 20 mΩ, DC 500V
  • Withstand Voltage1500Vac / 10mA

Low Voltage Isolation Dry Transformer

Our company uses high-quality materials and advanced technologies, producing SG series of single & three-phases dry transformer between 0.5KVA~800KVA. We have developed new transformers for import equipment according to the same kind of products of SIMENS company, our products are comply with IEC439.

  • System voltage36-1000V
  • Capacity0.5-800kva
  • Efficiency≥95%
  • Idling electric current≤4%

Laminated Busbar for Wind and Photovoltaics Generation

Laminated busbars, also known as composite busbars, are multi-layered composite structures serving as the backbone of power distribution systems. Regarded as the expressways of electrical energy, they streamline and modernize power distribution compared to traditional, intricate, and time-consuming wiring methods. Utilizing composite busbars allows for the creation of a contemporary, easily designed, swiftly installed, and well-organized power distribution network.

  • Insulation resistance20M Ω DC/1000V
  • Parasitic inductance15nH/m 
  • Temperature rise≤30K 
  • Working temperature-40~105℃ 

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