PCS (Power Conversion System)

PCS (Power Conversion System)
PCS (Power Conversion System)

Energy storage converter, also known as two-way energy storage inverter, English name PCS (Power Conversion System), used in AC coupled energy storage systems such as grid-connected energy storage and micro-grid energy storage, connecting the battery pack and the grid (or load) between, is a device to achieve two-way conversion of electric energy. It can convert the DC current of the battery into alternating current and send it to the power grid or to the AC load. The alternating current of the power grid can also be rectified into direct current to charge the battery.

Quick Information
  • Storage temperature:-20℃ ~ 70℃
  • Max. Efficiency:98.5% @ full-load
  • Cabinet dimension:440*220*600mm
  • Weight:40kg


At the heart of AC coupled energy storage systems, the Energy Storage Converter, also recognized as the two-way energy storage inverter or PCS (Power Conversion System), serves as the linchpin connecting battery packs and the grid (or load). Its primary function is to enable the versatile conversion of electric energy in both directions. This entails converting DC from the battery into AC for grid supply or loads, and reciprocally rectifying AC from the power grid into DC for efficient battery charging.

Advantages and Characteristics:

  1. Embracing a compact and high-powered approach, our three-level design ensures efficiency with a minimized footprint, catering to high power density requirements.
  2. Experience a harmonious energy flow with our system, boasting low harmonics and exceptional efficiency, promising an environmentally friendly and power-efficient operation.
  3. Seamlessly toggle between connected and off-grid modes, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to varying energy needs and ensuring a reliable power supply at all times.
  4. Versatility at its core – our system supports three-phase and operates effortlessly with 100% unbalanced loads, showcasing adaptability to diverse operational scenarios.
  5. Stability redefined – on the DC side, our system introduces a stable bus function, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable power distribution.
  6. Tailor your power distribution with ease – on the AC side, our system supports the PQ mode, allowing for precision in operation and catering to specific power quality requirements.
  7. Simplify, integrate, and maintain – our modular design facilitates multi-machine parallel operation, streamlining system integration, operation, and maintenance. Coupled with a comprehensive protection function, you can trust in the longevity and robustness of your power system.


Datas Sheet for 50kW PCS (for your reference)

No. Technical Parameters WLD-PCS50K
1. DC terminal Voltage variation range DC 650V ~ 850V
2. Max. DC value 75A
3. AC connect to grid Output line system 3W+N / 3W
4. Rated power 50KW
5. Rated voltage AC 400V
6. Rated current 75A
7. Voltage variation range -10% ~ +10%
8. Rated frequency 50Hz
9. Frequency range 47 ~ 51.5Hz
10. Power factor 0.99(lead) ~ 0.99(lag)
11. Total current distortion < 3% (rated power)
12. AC off-network Output line system 3W+N/ 3W
13. Rated power 50KW
14. Rated voltage 400V
15. Rated frequency 50Hz
16. Rated current 75A
17. Voltage accuracy 1%
18. Output voltage harmonics 3% @ linear full-load
19. Dynamic response 50 ~ 100ms
20. Unbalanced load 100%
21. Over-load ≤ 105%, long-term operation
22. (105,110), operation ≥ 10mins
23. ≥ 110%, stop operating
24. Situation Working temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃, (need to increase capacity as exceed 45℃)
25. Storage temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃
26. Relative humidity 0%RH ~ 95%RH, no condensing
27. Altitude As 45℃ and exceed 300m, need to increase capacity
28. Noise < 75dB
29. Communication and management Communication interface CAN / RS 485
30. Communication protocol CAN / ModBus RTU
31. IP grade IP 20 ( 3-level defense inside)
32. Cooling type Forced air cooling with intelligent and regulated fan
33. Max. Efficiency 98.5% @ full-load
34. Cabinet dimension (W*H*Dmm) 440*220*600
35. Weight 40kg

Application Cases

Application Cases 1 for PEDE (Photovoltaic), Energy storage, Direct current an Flexibility

PCS Power Conversion System application

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